This week’s MondayMotivator on goals and being here before

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You might remember the GFC. That obliteration of the world economy that hit us 11 or so years ago.

I recently reread an interview of myself in early 2009 and it prompted me to look at the similarities between our situation now and then.

We have been here before. in 2009 I said things like, “I feel I really put my head in the sand for a while as we were getting new clients,” and “This made me really look at my business hard and I realised it had become bloated and it was time to get back into shape. During that process, the ideas I had and the actions I took opened me to new opportunities and I feel sure that is the same for most people.” Plus, “I have never seen so much creativity crammed into such a small space of time. It’s amazing and seriously this is a great time to be alive.”

You can read it here and see the really bad photo of me 🙁

So, this is the time to look back at what you did that worked 11 years to get you out of that mess. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You just have to pick out the actions or tactics you used to keep going. Or as my daughter at 8 years old wrote in the post-it note above, “Don’t give UP!!!”

Here are some tips about goal setting and why I started the MondayMotivator to kickstart this process.


Step 1. Make the decision that you desire to achieve the goal – this is the most important step!
Step 2. Believe that you can achieve the goal – the next most important step!
Step 3. Write your goal on paper – if it’s not written down it doesn’t exist.
Step 4. Be honest with yourself – do you really want this?
Step 5. Analyse your present situation – where are you starting from?
Step 6. Use deadlines – duh!
Step 7. Identify rocks that stand in your way
Step 8. Identify skills you will need – do you need to learn something to achieve this goal?
Step 9. Identify those people from whom you will need co-operation – friends, family, colleagues, enemies/competitors (seriously, what can you use from them)
Step 10. Make a complete business plan around this goal
Step 11. Visualise, emotionalise, affirm – most people feel a bit yucky or that it’s woo woo and miss this step. Don’t. I have been and it’s been holding me back.
Step 12. Determine to back your plan with patience and persistence

Remember for visualisation BE, DO, HAVE.

I have to BE the person that will achieve my goals in my head before I can DO the things necessary to achieve them and then I will HAVE my goals delivered to me.
I don’t know why this works. Confirmation Bias is one theory. The Secret is not. You have to do the work.

On why I started the MondayMotivator

“I was just learning about email marketing, starting a new business, seriously broke and I thought it would be a great way of keeping in touch with my friends, family and prospects. The other reason was I had been living a lifestyle that meant my discipline was out the window and I wanted to be accountable.

That meant I had to get up on a Monday morning, be still, write and get that email out by 9 am. In the beginning, I failed a few times and people let me know. So it took a while but my discipline came back and I feel positive it’s the best thing I could have done to get myself out of a hole, inspire others.”

I know this was longer than usual but I needed to kick myself into gear and if you’ve read this far you might need the same boost.

Look, we have been here before, we made it out and through with work, creativity and enthusiasm. We can do it again!

Have a great week.