This is it. You don’t need an excuse to change.

Often times it appears that what gets us to make the
biggest changes in life, is some major unexpected event that pushes us
over the edge.  For example:

  • You decide to quit smoking, when you find out your uncle has just been diagnosed with cancer.
  • You finally start a business only after you're layed off by your employer of 20 years.
  • You revamp your entire diet, immediately after your last physical reveals you're dangerously close to a heart attack.

It seems it was the event that sparked the shift.  But that's
just not true.  These incidents didn't cause you to change.  YOU caused
you to change. 

The event was simply an excuse you used to make the change that
you've been contemplating making for some time now.  It allowed you to
finally give yourself the permission to make changing an
urgent priority.

Now, something tells me that there's a change you've been thinking
about making.  And the problem with waiting for a major unexpected
event to happen, is it simply might never happen. 

And you don't need an excuse to change.  Change is a human right. 

But just in case you did need some type of unexpected event…something to use as an excuse to change…this is it.