The speed of things

Sometimes things seem to take forever to happen and then it’s all go. Things are happening and you are a little out of control. Like Keanu Reeves steering a runaway bus in Speed.

Perhaps this is why Albert Einstein said, “People love chopping wood. In this activity one immediately sees results.” I feel sure this is because something is happening in a controlled way.

For example: The past month leading up to Lauren leaving the country has taken forever, and now she has gone it seems time is speeding up, and I have a list of things to do before she comes home. I know that if I muck around the time will disappear and nothing will have been done.

This can happen daily if you’re not careful. You put something off you don’t really enjoy to do something you do, and the day is gone, and the thing you needed to do, that moves you ahead, isn’t done.

This is not procrastination this is some strange anomaly (in the time space continuum?) that keeps you on your toes and makes everyday fun and a challenge.
Have a great week, do the things that don’t light your fire first so you can relax and enjoy the things you do.


P.S. Happy Birthday Jared. It’s my brothers birthday today and I am very happy he is still here and doing really well. If you’re new to the MM; my brother sustained a big head injury last year and has recovered really well.