The Art of Moving Office

This morning I moved into a new office across the hall from my old one – I can still see Lauren though. Moving woke me up early this morning as I imagined a lot of different scenarios and desk set up options. As I was doing this I realised there is an art to moving office and if you do it slowly, and with a plan in mind, it’s much less stressful.

Moving is stressful because it often takes people out of their comfort zone and it’s the fear of the unknown. Whether it’s moving away from their favourite cafe up the road or just the change in scenery, it’s always stressful for different reasons.

But think of the positives. I’m typing this from my new office and it feels great. I like being in here. More space for me and the heater isn’t blasting because the girls are cold.

So this week if you’re moving, or change is happening in your life that is causing some stress, make a cup of tea, draw up a plan, embrace the change and look for the positives. It could be a breath of fresh air.

I’m looking forward to changing the sign on the door.

Have a terrific week.