YourMondayMotivator: I survived the weekend with a 2½ year old

This past weekend was the first time I have been on Daddy Duty for an extended period. With Number One away with our baby for a few days it was just me and Alba.
Did it go well?
The short answer is yes. We survived.
It didn’t start too well from my point of view, I was late to pick her up from Kindy, stuck in traffic, but she was stoked to have me pick her up and we had a good afternoon / evening.
Once all the tradies had left our house sweeping up the mess was fun. Not so much fun for me. I like the rubbish to go into the bin, not around it or somewhere near it. Great helping though Alba!
What impressed me was just how much moxie she has in the face of a Daddy Challenge. Like, let’s go chop firewood. Yay! Or let’s go to work and take the last parts off the car. Yay! Let’s move the old fridge without scratching up the floor. Yay!
An iPad, a toy and carbonated water proved a winner at work.
alba - YourMondayMotivator: I survived the weekend with a 2½ year old
Armed with her earmuffs she was amazingly helpful with the firewood. Pulling bits from under the house for me to chop up. Pushing the long bits along for me so I could cut them. She even got her first splinter and bravely let me pull it out with tweezers.
We danced and went for a walk in our gumboots. Laughed a lot and battled over bedtime.
So what does this mean for you this morning? You’ve read this far and probably thought, that’s nice. Well done.
I was not sure it would go well but faced with no choice I had to crack into it. No choice was the difference. No choice is what you should give yourself from time to time. Faced with a challenge, don’t give yourself a way out and you will just do it.
Choices can paralyse. Narrow them down as soon as possible in any situation and you will make faster, better decisions. It will take a bit of practice but armed with a goal that stretches you it will become a great habit. Start today!