Today's minimotivator on darkness versus light, hate versus love

minimotivator 07072020 - Today's minimotivator on darkness versus light, hate versus love
Darkness cannot drive 
out darkness; only light 
can do that. 
Hate cannot drive out 
hate; only love can do that.
– Martin Luther King, Jr
If you have the time it is worthwhile to reflect on this statement. It’s part of a sermon King wrote in 1968 called Strength to Love,  while in jail no less. Where after being detained for 15 days he had the time to write several of his landmark sermons.
The whole paragraph has more impact but requires more time to digest so this is the pithy part useful for the internet.
The idea of driving something out gives me a vision of a rabid crowd and another of beating something out the kitchen door.
A religious vision? Maybe. Who knows where the mind draws from when reading such things.
But, it can be applied to today where the purveyors of trash that allow darkness and hate to proliferate in our lives, because it gets clicks, need driving out.
They need to be ignored as well once they’ve been driven out because the bleating we will hear will be noisy as they defend their right to publish and earn revenue.
Light and love are internal and always available. Use them daily by reading or watching more that is empowering and worthwhile spreading. It’s out there, you just need to look or closer to home pick up a book.