Spirit of Adventure

I got a phone call from a friend last week saying that as he drove across the Harbour Bridge the Spirit of Adventure sailed underneath. It reminded him to ask me if I still had my spirit of adventure.

First of all that must have been an amazing sight. The Spirit of Adventure under sail is very impressive. Then it made me think do I have my spirit of adventure? I feel sure I do. Coming to work in Auckland traffic is an adventure in itself most mornings. have you still

Have still got your spirit of adventure? Yes you do! If it’s not immediately obvious it is hidden away just under the surface and is easy to get to.

The spirit of adventure is an attitude you decide to have in whatever you are doing. Thinking everything is an adventure will bring out inspiration, passion and creativity in what you are doing. An example is my morning walk to get a coffee to get a coffee. I smile at the people I see, I have a chat to the team at Sliced and really take notice of what is around me.

A spirit of adventure means I am open to opportunities and you will be too if you take on this attitude.

Have a terrific week. Enjoy what you do and make it and adventure.