Space and its effect on you

This morning I had a great chat to Lauren on Skype. She is in Prague right now and we are into week four of her three month trip. We discussed her trip and our goals for when she comes home.

What I have noticed is it’s the space that is making these conversations better and our goals clearer. Travel has been a big part of her plans for a long time so it has taken up a lot of real estate in her mind. Where as mine is mostly taken up with Spikemail and ideas for Spikemail clients. So now we have got the space, and time, to think about things we have got very clear about what we want.

I am not suggesting you go on an OE, like Lauren is, to get some space but I do recommend you get some space to think. I have written about this before and usually suggest just getting 10 minutes here and there will work. However, watching my friends and colleagues struggle with time issues due to children I have realised this isn’t as easy as I thought.

So what to do. I don’t know what will work for you. I could write a big list of things that might help but it comes down to you. You need space to think clearly. This could be an uncluttered home, getting to work 30 minutes earlier or even staying later.

Let me know what works for you and I will post it on my blog to help everyone else.

Be great to read your comments.