Smiles = Sales

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MM Nov 2019 baby smile - Smiles = Sales


I read this story, by Joe Gracia from Give to Get Marketing, and had to share it with you. The story is, Two Truths About Babies, and is about the Marketing Ideas Joe thought of when he and his wife Maria had a little girl.

Two Truths About Babies
Anyone who has raised a baby or has just been around a baby for any length of time knows these two indisputable facts:

  1. Babies cry
  2. Parents will do practically anything to get them to stop crying, and smile again.

She may want her diaper changed.
She may want to be burped.
She may want a nap.
She may want to eat.
She may want to play.
She may want a change of scenery.
She may want something to soothe her gums.
She may want something different to eat.
She may simply want to be held by her mommy. etc. etc. etc.

At this age, she doesn’t have the words to tell us exactly what she wants. She can only use tears, wails and sobs in an attempt to communicate to us that, at the moment, she isn’t getting something she wants.

It is up to us to use our intelligence and experience to discover what our baby wants so that we can quickly turn her sobs into smiles. Smiles. That’s what most parents want more than anything from their little babies.

And that’s exactly what you want from your prospects and customers–smiles. And of course, the biggest smile of all comes when they decide that you are offering them exactly what they want, and they buy your product or service. You both smile when that happens.

Smiles = Sales

‘Marketing is all about helping people get what they want.’

Give your baby what she wants and you both smile. Give your prospects and customers what they want and you all smile. This is a simple concept, but it is a key concept in breaking through to a new level of success in your business.

If you can learn how to give your prospects and customers exactly what they want, you are well on your way down the road to riches.

It’s not as easy as it may sound. You know instantly if you are giving your baby what she wants. If she cries, she isn’t getting what she wants. If she smiles or laughs, she is.

But your prospects and customers don’t sob or cry when they don’t get what they want. They do something even more upsetting to you as a business owner. They simply turn away from your business and buy from someone else.

So it is vital that you give your prospects and customers exactly what they want if you want your business to grow. But how can you know if they are getting what they want?

There is only one sure way. Look at your results.

Look at your sales, your leads/prospects; the responses from your ads, your direct mailings, your e-mailings, your calls, your website, etc. A low level of sales or responses means you are not giving your prospects and customers what they want. A higher level of results means you are — but of course you can always increase the level even more.

The better you become at improving your marketing systems so that more and more of your prospects and customers get what they want, the higher and higher your results and sales soar.
Once you grasp this concept, it changes the way you look at your business, and it significantly improves your finances.

You Have to Listen to Your Market
George Burns of the old Burns and Allen comedy show once said, ‘Our audiences made us as good as we are today. When we were on stage in front of an audience we would try a new joke. If they laughed, we left it in. If they didn’t laugh, we took it out. Before long we had a very funny act. All we did was listen to our audience. They told us what they wanted.’

I hope you enjoyed Joe’s story. Have a successful week.

Glenn Edley

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Quote for the week

A baby is a blank cheque made payable to the human race.

– Barbara Christine Seifert