Seriously, everything is amazing.

Today I am writing the MondayMotivator from the departure lounge at Auckland Airport. I’m sitting next to a window and right outside is a cigarette shaped object. It has flat bits sticking out with, what look like, huge fans hanging off them.

What is amazing is that very soon I am going to be sitting on a seat inside that object and it will take off into the sky, and fly. In the air.

Looking around at all the people it occurred that planes really are just buses with wings, that fly, and we take it for granted that’s what will happen.

I might have written about this before but sitting here it blows my mind that in a few hours I will be somewhere a long way from Auckland. We take things for granted a lot these days and it seems that people have lost the capacity to look at things in wonder.

There are wonderful, amazing, things everywhere that are just waiting for you to look at again in a different way. Look at everything around you. Even the most mundane things you take for granted like your pen.

It wasn’t that long ago we were writing with feather quills and ink.

The world is amazing. You just have to look at it like it’s another planet and you will see what I mean.