SAMBA Blog: Take a Walk

Wait for the fat pitch. That’s what great baseball hitters do. The fat
pitch is one that is so juicy and perfectly served to you that you can
no doubt take a swing and hit a homerun.

Fat pitches don’t come often. Life is a cunning pitcher. So good
hitters don’t swing at everything. They pass on dozens of balls, take
walks, and just wait for that one perfect fat pitch.

The point is to be selective. Every pitch that comes your way looks
tempting. But just as you swing at one, it curves a little and the best
you can do is hit a lazy and easily caught fly ball. Wasted effort.

Entrepreneurs can be good hitters or bad hitters. The good ones pass on
opportunities all the time. They only swing on HUGE opportunities.

The BIG question for me is; How do you know the big opportunities?

Sometimes big opportunities are disguised as hard work or even helping someone out. Still working on this. Your thoughts?