SAMBA Blog: Changing one word – great advice

Changing just one word

Posted: 26 Nov 2009 06:39 AM PST

Words matter. Anybody who uses paid search advertising knows this all too well. Change one measly word in your Google Adwords text ad, and it's astonishing how many more or less people click on your ad (or how wildly you affect your conversions),  just by changing one word!

And because Google's technology allows us to measure the difference that changing just one word can make with such incredible precision, Adwords guys are obsessed with picking and testing the right words. 

But just because you live in a world where results aren't as easily measured, doesn't mean this "one word" phenomenon doesn't exist.

That cold call sales script you have…did you ever think that by changing just one word, you'd convert more sales?

That billboard on the highway…would changing just one word get more people to take your exit?

What about your personal voicemail message?  Changing one word might might make strangers think you sound like a nice guy…instead of like a jerk.

Just because it's not as easily measured, doesn't mean you don't have to think about it.