Questions for an email marketer

Background: After a meeting with the owner of a coaching company I was sent an email with the following questions. My answers are very brief and I feel sure to the point. What are your thoughts on the questions?

Q1: What size list do you need for
decent email campaign?
A1: Quality of a list is far more important than numbers. If the
subscribers are really sold on what you are offering you will get a
good response from 20 people.

Q2: What are the winning components of an email campaign that
you tell your customers they must do?
A2: Winning components of an email campaign are content, content and content. Things people can engage with.

Q3: How do you best build a list?
A3: How best to build a list. My way is simple. Tell everyone who
comes in contact with your business they need to sign up. Everyone in
the business should be sold on the idea of email marketing and so there
becomes multiple reasons why someone would be on your list.


I dont believe in making things complicated. Email marketing should be part of the strategy and culture of a business from the beginning because it works, it's relatively cheap and can have amazing results.