Pippa Coom: Post election – big thank you’s (And why you should have voted in the AECT Elections)

If I could have turned all the amazing support I've received into people voting we would definitely have an election result to celebrate.  Unfortunately less than 17% voted and Citizens & Ratepayers were able to clean up all 5 trustee positions.  I think it is fair to say that as an independent it just wasn't possible to compete with C&R resources who targeted their supporters with a direct mailout on the day voting papers came out so the rank and file fell into line to vote only along party lines . Not even Powerlynk were able to hold on to their one seat due to the low turnout. It is hugely diappointing to know it is business as usual for the Trust and Vector.

However, I hope you agree that not a minute of effort on the campaign was wasted and that overall it has been a massively positive experience.
I have a large number of thank yous to make for all the support I have received. Please indulge me this very public thank you. You've all been part of the campaign team even if you might not have realised it at the time (or agreed to it in advance!) .
Here are my specific toasts (sorry it is not with a glass of champagne) along with one huge massive thank you and cheers to everyone.
Suzanne – the first person to say "go for it" , my nominator (with 20mins to spare – my fault sorry), official authoriser of election material and a brilliant social media advisor
The rest of the Grey Lynn 2030 steering committee, Gary, Lynn and Dianna who were entering uncharted territory with me but gave their blessing for us to give it a go. Ditto James, Scott, Peter & Tony from the transition town movement who provided the initial encouragement (I'm looking forward to the follow up conversations about the role of TT in local politics)
Barbara W – without knowing me was willing to review my nomination form and provide spot on editorial advice from a pro
Barb C – who when hearing I was standing immediately said "I'll be your campaign manager and Barb I will too" – you both were amazing in your loyal support and unwavering enthusiasm for the campaign. Barb I also for becoming a self -taught election hoarding builder (and buying all the tools and materials ) and putting up my signs on the coldest day in October with 85 yr old Les (a thank you is on its way to Les the old fashioned way). Barb C also for winning Waiheke for me and lining up one of the few media spots of the campaign with a great article.
Tom and Marijke  for unknowingly becoming the Waiheke campaign committee with Barb C but then being so happy to lend a hand and provide support
Michelle – professional photograher (among many talents), who came up with the "winning" photo of the election (I've received so many compliments for that photo – I just wished I looked that good  in real life! ) you were wonderful to agree to do a photo shoot at the last minute, chose the photo for my candidate profile and then to gift me the photos to support the campaign
Karen – gave me the heads up to attend the community network meetings in Manukau – and oh what a wonderful experience that has been  (I really was hopeful of being able to take a good news story back there about community involvement on the Trust but still plan to maintain all the positive relationships that developed)
Rod – put up the majority of my hoardings (always with perfection and a spirit level), kept an eye on them, fixed them up on his travels around Auckland and then took a whole heap of them down again – what a star
Craig S – policy adviser and word -meister (and the only person to regularly read my website), always ready to be a sounding board and a rock of support (also very handy with hoarding construction and dismantling).
Paul O'Connor  another valuable adviser and a key person who said "go for it" at the right time (thank you for the lovely lunch that day)
Anishka –  my first school friend in NZ and the youngest Dunedin City councillor ever at 22 when we were at Otago – continues to be an inspiration for me. Also took electioneering on facebook to a new level.
Richard – PR man extraordinaire . Who passed on a depth of knowledge that won't go to waste (except the idea that photos of me in a bikini should have been the election point of difference – actually you were right we played it too nice and should have gone all out for media stunts)
Xa and Monique for all the brain storming when you thought we were going out to socialise – and Xa who came up with the campaign strap line before boarding a plane back to Welly
Ewan, Dave, Andy – all willing to be downloaded of their wisdom and provide valuable advice at crucial times (so much more to comment on!). The positive support from a whole heap of current Vector people has been amazing too with Lucy & Lisa leading the way.
John McKillop – thank you for my one and only radio interview (the media black out of the election was another factor that didn't help so great that Howick Village Radio was willing to spread the word that there was actually an election on)
The professionals -all masters of their field: Jason (web design) , Danielle (graphics design). Don (sign printing ) and Glenn (email marketer) and all willing to go the extra mile to make essential details come together and to put up with my last minute approach  (yes doing everything at the last minute was a bit of a theme of my campaign)
Billy – so encouraging for me when he offered to deliver flyers out of the blue. Ruth as well for offering to spread the word in Pt Chev (an impossible task to get the message out to 300k households across Auckland but you both made it feel like it was worth a shot)
The colonel – still waiting, sorry, for the home goddess that I promised when I got made redundant; very dubious at first about what the hell I was doing then found his stride with hoardings and delivering flyers. Sam on the first day of coming to board with us finding herself putting up hoardings and delivering flyers (and with Paul keeping the house together and putting up with the mess coming out of the war room ). Her offer to buy any friend on FB who voted for me a beer did not produce any takers unfortunately.
To all my fab friends who were unquestioningly behind me and provided so much moral support. You really gave me such a boast with all your wonderfully encouraging emails and willingness to rally your own contacts to vote with such whole- hearted endorsements. (and many more friends to send thank yous too who I can't fit on this email together with thank yous for all the signs that went up on fences). I also have friends to thank for financially backing the campaign.
Last but not least my fantastic mum, Barbara (every campaign has to have at least 4 Barbs on the team!) – always there for me and willing to volunteer for everything plus gave me a significant contribution to the purchase of my campaign bike. (you can either thank or blame Barbara for taking me on protest marches right back to the 70's)
Despite the election I still  feel really excited and fortunate to be part of the movement working towards a sustainable future (and an Auckland to be proud of)  – Frocks on Bikes, 350 , Cycle Action, Great Urban Ride
s, Grey Lynn 2030 –  there is so much to do right now that I feel I can justify at least another year of this being my job . I just cannot promise there won't be another election – after all I do have 180 signs with VOTE Pippa!
And I am sure losing is still an excuse for a party some time soon too so I can make my thanks to you in person.
Here's to all of you.