Pep talk your way to …

bunjy sml - Pep talk your way to ... Bunnnngeeeeeee!

Pep talks. How many people use this powerful success tool? Quoting Scribe: “Not many, if any.”

You’re about to do a Bungy jump, you’re on the edge, people are counting down. What’s going on inside your head? A pep talk: “I can jump.” And you do.

So why not give yourself a pep talk before doing anything. Perhaps you are about to give a talk in front of 50 people. You could say out loud, positively and with energy: “I am going to give a great talk. I’ve got something important to tell these people that they need to hear.”

In fact, give yourself a pep talk right now to start your Monday morning – “I am damn good!!” Say it loud, make the whole office turn around and look at you with a big grin on your face.

Go on, do it. It will feel great and you will have an awesome day.