NZ business’s arrrggghh!!

Today I had a conversation with an event organiser and a suggestion I had was met with, “They don’t want to do that.”

My suggestion was to send an email to the businesses databases, that are attending the event, inviting their customers to the event.

I was told that they wanted new customers only.

So here’s what I thought: Why do NZ businesses constantly fight to protect the unprotectable – customers. And why do they not to want to invite their existing clients?

Because they are afraid. Afraid of losing their customers to their competitors. This is crazy. The customers already know about the other businesses and chose them as their business of choice. They have an opportunity to tell their customers about a great event (relevance) where they can see leading businesses in their field (even more relevant) and buy stuff.

But they only want them to buy stuff off them. Duh! It doesnt happen like that. If you tell your customers about cool things and provide great information, service and value they will love you for it. They will tell their friends. They will.

Can you imagine what they would have said if you sent a two for one ticket so they could bring their friends and a voucher for them to spend at any place they wanted? “I’m there and I’m bringing my friends with me.”

What a missed opportunity.