My thoughts on Earth Hour

At my house it’s Earth Hour everyday. If we are not in a room the lights are out. In fact everybody I know doesn’t leave the house ablaze in light. Was this because we were brought up in the 70’s when the constant call of, “When you come into the lounge [replace with any room], turn the lights out.”

Nop. My girl wasn’t raised in the 70’s and she is constantly telling me to turn lights out. When I leave a room a voice (hers) will always pop into my head, “Turn the lights off.”

The other common phrase is, “Last one out turn out the lights.” So why are the lights of so city offices left on? I have always wondered whether anyone was actually working and if a lot of them turned their lights out I hope they keep it up.

What do I feel Earth Hour achieved in most houses in NZ last night? I suspect nothing. Yes I understand it was a vote for the Earth. I read the about page on the website and listened to media. But most people probably just sat in the sat in the dark watching the Warriors.

Nice idea but didn’t your mum always tell you to turn the lights out?