Moon landings and car tuning

I wasn’t going to write about the moon landings today but driving into work the moon was a thin crescent in quite a clear sky and it looked incredible.

40 years ago today Neil Armstrong took his first step onto the moon and he got there with less computing power than my iPhone. This is the part that really amazes me. They had the equivalent of a 256k computer to drive all those systems. It was simple, it worked and they got safely home.

What I really get from the Apollo program is they made things simple because they had to be able to fix them in space.Today everything seems to be quite complicated and hard to fix. For example I couldn’t tune my VW because it requires a skilled technician using specialised equipment. However I could tune my families 1967 Pontiac.

Why have we made things so complicated? Technology provides us with tools. We are not a slave to them. Think about your ‘tools’ carefully this week. If they are making your life more complicated do you need them? A pen and notebook might be a lot simpler.