Mobils answer

Firstly, thank you Mobil for getting back to me so quickly. They came back to within hours.

Here is their answer. Let me know what you think;

Dear Glenn

Thank you for your query regarding the system change for the ‘EFTPOS at the Pump’ terminal.

It is unfortunate, however Banks are working with the ‘New Zealand Banking Association’ to ensure EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) and Triple DES compliance across New Zealand. As a result all terminals will need to be replaced to meet these new standards.

Mobil does not currently have a plan to replace the EFTPOS at pump units, therefore they will be disconnected from the banks infrastructure. Meaning the following cards will no longer be accepted at pump, they are: Debit Cards, Credit Cards, American Express, Farmers and Diners. These cards will continue to be accepted at the indoor payment facility.

However as Mobil supports it’s own infrastructure for some cards Mobilcard, Fleetcard, Drivecard and Onecards can continue to be accepted at the pump terminal. If you wish to continue use of the ‘pay at pump’ facility perhaps you may wish to apply for one of the above cards, for more information please visit or

Please note that this change is not being driven by Mobil.

Thank you again for the time you have taken to write to us, we appreciate both positive and negative feedback, and endeavour to improve our service whenever possible.

Best Regards,

Raveewan Jariyavithayakul (TH-RJI) >> RJ ANZ Customer Relations Analyst Sales Administrative Support AP BKK Customer Service ExxonMobil Limited – Fuels Marketing Customer Service