Letter from Shane Cameron: Thanks everyone for ur support

This is one of the best ‘loser’ (sorry couldn’t think of anything
better) emails I have ever read. I’m really impressed at Shane’s
honesty and I wish him all the best.

Obviously the fight didn’t go how we planned but full credit to David
and his camp, they did a great job.  People ask why we let the fight
go on after round one but I wanted to because all those people had
paid a lot of money and I personally wanted to carry on.

I was with David Tua when he was in Las Vegas and he was in much
better form on Saturday than there so I wish him well with his next
venture.  I was happy with our camp and in hindsight I don’t think I
would have done much differently.  I just got caught with that first
punch and never really recovered.

It was a well run event and I would like to thank all the my team, my
sponsors, David’s team, the organisers, supporters and fans who made
it such an impressive event.  As for the fight itself well I don’t
think there is much I can say about that.  I was send to hospital for
a medical assessment as a precautionary measure only but was let out
straight away and my body held up remarkable well considering.

I woke up on Sunday feeling a lot better than people would think and
just spent the day relaxing, doing a few interviews and spending time
with my family.  I got heaps of texts and calls so thanks to everyone
for that.  I will now take a few days off then go back to the gym next
week.  I’m definitely not giving up boxing and when things like this
happen in your life you can only grow and learn from them and chalk it
up to experience.