John Aikens’ Weekly relationship tip: Listen but don’t fix.

Guys we are great at getting ourselves into trouble with this one …


How many times have we been in a situation whereby our partner sits down at the end of the day and vents about their daily issues? We sit there and try our best to listen, but instead we have an overwhelming urge to make suggestions and give them solutions. This of course inevitably backfires and we end up in an argument being told that we’re not being supportive! Remember the following:

*Listen but don’t fix!*

This week I want you both to take turns in telling each other about an issue you’ve had during the day for 5 minutes. As the person is speaking, the other person listens but offers no solutions. Instead, just simply pay attention and acknowledge their position “That’s sounds hard/tough/difficult etc.”. Support them but do not dish out advice.

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Have a great week