John Aiken’s Weekly relationship tip – Alternate date night

I like this idea and we try and do it as often as possible. Hard to do sometimes but the pay off is huge.

Tip #13

If we’re not careful we can often take on the role of CEO in our relationship. When it comes to going out together, one person can end up organising everything from booking restaurants, getting a babysitter, choosing movies, and ringing around friends. It’s time to force a change by doing the following:

*Alternate date night*

This week, I want you to go out on 2 dates, one organised totally by you and the other by your partner. Exaggerate this process and say “yes” to everything the other person suggests – ordering off a menu, selecting the movie, dress code, time to be picked up, travel plans etc. Observe how this feels, and set in place the practice of alternating your date nights once a week.

Here's an interview I did on Mornings with Kerri-Anne recently on 'mate poaching' – breaking the cycle of going after unavailable types.

Have a great week.


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