It’s been one of THOSE weeks.

paper - It's been one of THOSE weeks.

“Hmmmmmm” Bob

It’s been one of those weeks. You know the ones where there’s heaps to do but it seems nothing gets done.

I had lots of ideas for today’s MondayMotivator but nothing seemed to spring forth as the thing to write about today. So I put it off and now its Monday morning and the MondayMotivator has to go out soon.

We all have days and sometimes weeks like this. Spiraling almost out of control and running on auto-pilot. In these times I wonder – who the heck is at the controls of Glenn. Opportunities come and go because we resist them. it’s easy to put something off for a few days and say to ourselves, “We didnt need that need great opportunity.”

Well, WAKE UP Glenn. Make something happen today, get back in control of yourself, and don’t miss those opportunities even if they are disguised as hard work.