It's all in the details… my first car related post for some time ;)

Screen Shot 2020 04 27 at 9.15.35 AM - It's all in the details... my first car related post for some time ;)
Tell me, what do details mean to you? …
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What do details mean to me? Everything.
Details are the little things that while nobody can sometimes see them they complete a whole that is outstanding.
Horacio Pagani believes in the details. His cars are automotive jewellery and the pricing aligns with that. Just recently was 20 years of Pagani and Pagani restored the car they displayed at the Geneva Car Show in 1999. It’s still amazing. It’s still ahead of its time in so many ways because the details, the hidden bolts finished as well as the ones you can see give it a feeling of luxury.
You can’t see those things but you know, you have a gut feeling that they are just as perfect as the ones you can see and it forms a completeness that most manufacturers can’t compete with.
Apple comes close though because Steve jobs believed the back should be as good as the front. And if you’ve ever taken an Apple device apart the preciseness of the component layout exudes quality.
So, details are everything. They matter. They require the extra time because the quality of the outcome will be so much better.
You can apply this idea anywhere and in doing it consistently it will become a habit for you. For example, exercise technique. Getting a movement perfect increases its effect. Sleep. Getting into the details of your sleep habits will help you sleep better.
Quality. That’s what details mean to me. Think about what they mean to you and see where you can add to your details and so up your quality. People won’t be seeing every detail, but they’ll know they’re there and that will make a huge difference to how they see you, your product or your service.
I believe this is the time to get the details right, produce great quality and help make the world, your world, just a tiny bit better.
Have a great week,
Glenn Edley

Quote for the week
“Art and science can walk together, hand in hand.”
– Leonardo da Vinci