Its all in the delivery …

delivery - Its all in the delivery ...

The problem with communication …
is the illusion that it has been accomplished.
George Bernard Shaw

What you say and how you say it is a big part of life and business. Sometimes you think you have communicated what you wanted to say, only to have your instructions not followed, or you upset someone.

A big part of communication is style. There are different types of style. For example; humorous, relaxed, formal, literal, symbolic and emotional.

The style you use has an effect because if the style you are using is not appropriate for your audience you will not get your message across.

Here are three quick tips for style:

1 Be civil and respectful, even if your message is firm or harsh.

2 Present ideas in a clear, concise fashion. Support them with facts, exhibit the logical flow in your thought process, and if warranted, draw a conclusion.

3 Decide whether you’re communicating on behalf of a person, an organization or both, and use the appropriate language (“l” versus “we”).

Have a terrific week and think about the style you are using in your next conversation. It makes more difference than you think.