It just takes FOCUS

Follow One Course Until Successful.
mm focus - It just takes FOCUS

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What is your FOCUS this year – better health, better relationships, more money?

Once you are clear about what this year is about for you, and you have selected your goals, FOCUS will help you to achieve them.

Follow One Course Until Successful is the best mnemonic I have seen for the word and will keep you from being distracted this year.

Distractions occur everyday and if not dealt with properly could see another year slip by without you achieving what you wanted to. When you are driving you don’t get distracted by things on the side of the road, you might just glance at them so you are aware of what is going on around you and you carry on to your destination.

Why not do that with your goals? Have a clear place you want to be at a certain time and only glance at the distractions as you go. This way you minimize the time and energy they take and get to your goals faster.

So be FOCUSed this year and you will be where you want to be, when you want to be.

Glenn ‘trying to not be distrac… – hey, what was that?’ Edley
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