Is what you do or sell cool? And should it be to make money?

This morning I wondered if my business, managed email marketing, could ever be cool.

I racked my brain trying to think of ways it could be a 'hot new product' or an app you just have to have.

Could it ever be a product that markets itself and all those other catch phrases that are out there.

After pondering the question for some time, and writing whatever popped into my head, I came up with the following:
  • We design cool looking emails – That matters but cool doesn't always equal response.
  • We have cool technology – To us that matters. To our clients only a few care or seem to care.

So I'm thinking managed email marketing isn't cool but that doesn't seem to stop me from helping my clients and making money for them and me.

In fact after looking around at really, really rich people I could see that on the whole they are not cool and their products are not cool either.

Note: Steve Jobs is an aberration, not the norm, in people who are really rich.

So most rich people plod along with something that isn't cool but make pot loads of money because their product is good, needed and they offer great service or add value to their customers lives.

The lesson for me: Stop thinking you need to have the hottest new app or a product that sells itself to make money. Get out there, have a good story, talk to people, back yourself and don't worry about being cool.