Is it time to change your thinking?

There is a saying, “If your best thinking got you to where you are, maybe you need to change your thinking.

This morning Mike Hosking talked about a company that has made recession a swear word and you have to put money in a swear jar if you say it. Their thinking is, if you’re talking about the recession you are not being productive or moving forward.

That to me is a great example of changing your thinking because until they put that in place everyone probably thought it was ok to talk about the recession. It was their best thinking at the time until it was pointed out that it wasn’t getting them anywhere.

Your thoughts do have an effect on you. I was woken up at 4.30am by a dream/nightmare I was in a coffin being buried alive. I couldn’t close my eyes without thinking about being buried. However, I also kept coming up with ways to get out, lots of ways. For me, apart from scaring the hell out of me, this opened my eyes to how I could grow my business. Amazing what a good scare will do to your mind.

Have a terrific week and maybe put a recession swear jar in your office.