I’m sooo busy – no, you’re not.

Had some feedback from today’s MondayMotivator from someone I know is very, very busy as a successful real estate agent. They sit still and “white” out their mind for 15 minutes at lunchtime. It helps them focus and gives them the energy they need for the afternoon.
This thought occurred to me when I read their email.
“I’m sooo busy” is a cop out.
A line you spin when you’re too lazy or uninterested in actually thinking about an answer.
In my opinion it’s a line that is a habit borne out of listening to mediocre people.
I’m busy is holding you back.
I have been making a conscious effort not to say that for some time now. Making an effort stops me in my tracks because I have to think of what I have been doing and something better to say. It makes me focus on what I am doing so I am not always onto the “next” thing.
It’s an interesting habit to work on and one I hope helps me enjoy what I am doing more. Give it a go. You might be as surprised as I was at the difference in the level of conversations you have.