I just got a rejection letter for a job I didn’t apply for: Campaign Director w/Pew

Dear Glenn, 

Thanks for your application to be the Campaign Director with the Pew Foundation in New Zealand. I'm sorry to say that you have not been selected for interview at this stage. We had a huge number of excellent candidates for the role and found it very difficult to choose between the candidates. 
We wish you the very best of success with your job search and hope you'll keep an eye out on our website for future positions. 
Best regards, 
Tom (and the BGT team)

Tom Savage

Office: +1 (415) 391 0729
Cell: +1 (415) 601 9383
Skype: tomrnsavage
Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year – Edge Upstarts Awards, 2007

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Dear Tom,

Thank you for your rejection letter.

Not having applied for this job I am amazed I was even considered in the selection process.

Thank you for thinking of me.



P.S. I think you have the wrong Glenn.