How to learn to let things go.

Welcome to this week’s MondayMotivator.
mm reframe - How to learn to let things go.

Welcome to this week’s MondayMotivator.

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There are always things – usually small things – that really get under your skin.

Problem is, these things are parasites. They burrow. They get deeper. They latch onto a vein somewhere and live out of sight for the most part. Until they raise their little heads and make themselves known.

They’re here. Right now, in front of you — like a ghost from a horror movie. Damn right, they’re scary. That’s not what they looked like when you buried them. And they certainly weren’t that BIG.

I have to work hard to let things go. It’s not something that comes naturally. “Just let it go,” people say. If only it were that easy, right?

People get hurt when you can’t let things go. Sometimes the person who utters those four words find themselves incurring the wrath you’re feeling. That’s not cool.

Here’s a few tips for letting things go. They will require you to think about them a lot for a few days so they pop into your head when you need them most.

1. Reframe the situation – look for the positive. As trite as that might sound, it works. There is always a positive to take away from any situation.

Stop. Before you stop reading and hit reply with your story, think about this: It’s your story. It’s how you see yourself in the world. Unless it’s inspiring you and others to move forward and grow, it’s not a good story. Find the good. If you can’t, ask someone close to you to do so. There is always something good you can latch onto that you might not be seeing yourself.

2. Hit delete. If a situation upsets you when you think about it say, “delete, delete, delete” in your head and move onto something else. I do this and I think it works. This takes a lot of repetition for certain events and time is the healer then.

3. Smile at the idiot. Smiling stops you from forming anything but a happy thought. If the idiot is you, smile in the mirror. If the idiot is someone else, still smile. It might halt the escalation of a situation.

So, just a few tips I trust you will find helpful. If not, I’ll be trying to kickstart your thinking next Monday. I wonder what I’ll write then.

Glenn ‘King of Small Things’ Edley
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