How do you create balance?

In my opinion you have to first decide where you want to have balance…
mm balance - How do you create balance?

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Recently I was having a conversation with my dad about balancing motors. It’s something you can easily do to a motor that will allow the motor to be more efficient. The result of balancing is better response from all engine speeds, more horsepower and it being less likely to break. Bonus!

Having better balance though flows to all areas of your life. For example having both legs function the same means you walk straight, which puts less pressure on your back, which means your muscles are working properly and less likely to tighten and break.

This happened to me a few months ago when I pulled a ligament in my foot which caused me to limp and started to create havoc. Not good. I was out of balance and in pain.

How do you create balance?

In my opinion you have to first decide where you want to have balance.

There is no point trying to balance everything all at once because it won’t work. In a motor you start with the crankshaft. Then move on to the things that connect to it. Rods, pistons, flywheel and clutch.

So you work out where you want balance and work backwards to the beginning point.

For example you want balance at work. You might start at how you get ready for work. What is your mindset in the time before you leave home?

Or if that’s going a bit far – how you get to work. How far away is it? How long do you spend in traffic?

To get balance you need to start at the beginning. Always.

Want to get balance in your week? Today is a great day to start.

Glenn ‘Flows Like Water’ Edley
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