How agile are you?

Not long ago in an email exchange Mike Shaw from Omnigraphics said to me, “… in todays market you need to be proactive and agile.”

I liked that because agile is an action word and proactive + agile = getting things moving. The word I want to focus on though is agile.

Agile: quick and well-coordinated movement; lithe: an agile leap.

Isn’t that a great meaning? Are the decisions you are making right now quick and well-coordinated movement in the direction you want to go?

As I have said before – words are powerful. Choose words like agile for yourself and your work and your business. Put them on the wall so they are the first thing you and your staff see when you come in in the morning. Seeing things like this when you first walk in reminds you are at work and it’s time to be agile and make things happen.

Have a terrific week and I look forward to hearing the powerful words you will use. Let me know what they are by commenting on my blog or you can follow me on Twitter