Have you lost the plot?

Bit of a tough question for Monday morning I know, but just take a second to see if you have lost the plot. Are you still tracking towards your goals or are you way off course? Check now, I’ll wait.

My bet is you have lost the plot because life has got in the way and another year is just about over. It continues to amaze me how another week can slip by and I’m sure I didn’t get much done but something must have happened because I sent the MondayMotivator, had a few meetings, got a new client, and wrote five minimotivators.

That seems to be a typical week but I feel I have lost the plot because I haven’t been tracking my goals and don’t know whether I’m on course or not.

Today I’m going to spend some time checking on the really important goals for 2009 and see whether I can get back on track to achieving them.

I recommend you do the same. Mark a time in your diary each month to check your course. It will make a big difference come the 31st December when you’re wondering where the year went.


Glenn Edley

P.S. I meet Mike Hutcheson recently and he has kindly given me three of his Kickstart Your Creativity books to give away.

Mike has founded or co-founded a number of companies in New Zealand including leading advertising agencies. To go in the draw let me know what major advertising agency he was Managing Director of. I’ll give you a clue, it starts with ‘S’. Just hit reply to enter the draw.