Hard work or PC platitudes?

A warm welcome to this week’s MondayMotivator.
mm stop apologising 600 - Hard work or PC platitudes?

Welcome to this week’s MondayMotivator.

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Welcome to this week’s Monday Motivator!

Sometimes I am assaulted on the radio or TV or Internet by a barrage of political correctness. A person, usually rich or high profile, has said something they are being asked to rescind and regret by the media. Initially, you could think they’d murdered someone instead of calling them a plonker.

When did this happen?

When did a generation’s views become irrelevant and upsetting for some?

Probably around the time parents started treating their darlings like they were cotton wool-wrapped princes and princesses. Well, they are being made to pay now.

How does this apply to me or you? Well, judging by past surveys of MondayMotivator readers, we fall into that generation. The generation who didn’t get everything they wanted and whose parents worked two or three jobs to get ahead. Our lives might be viewed as tough. But were they? Was not having TV or being made to eat your dinner so tough?

The most successful people today come from that era and there are a few examples of modern entrepreneurs who were raised in a similar fashion really kicking butt. They work hard. They play hard too. And they don’t apologise for their efforts.

Maybe it’s time we stopped apologising too. Recognise we are making a massive contribution to the world, knowing Facebook and Twitter isn’t going to get us to Mars.

Have a great week.

Glenn ‘Victim of PC Assault’ Edley
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