Growth Tip: What really motivates workers – some good points

What really motivates workers

Good news for managers. A multi-year study documented in the Harvard Business Review shows that the key to motivating your people turns out to be largely within your control.  

It has nothing to do with money or incentive systems, or even recognizing your people. The top motivator of employee performance is in fact – progress.  

On days when employees can see they’re making headway in their jobs, or when they receive support from you that helps them overcome obstacles – their motivation and their drive to succeed is at its peak.

On days when they feel like they are spinning their wheels, or encountering roadblocks – their moods and motivation are lowest.

Management behaviors that increase employee motivation:
  • Set clear and meaningful goals 
  • Provide the necessary resources, support and encouragement 
  • Protect your people from irrelevant demands and distractions
  • Roll your sleeves up and help them out
  • Recognize and celebrate people who make incremental progress toward their goals – every day, every week

Management behaviors that decrease employee motivation:

  • Change the goals
  • Be indecisive
  • Hold up resources
  • Create intense time pressure
  • Keep your people in a state of constant crisis
  • Cause setbacks or create roadblocks to impede their progress

Note – these negative management behaviors have a greater effect on people’s motivation than the positive ones.  What sort of management behaviors do you exhibit? has developed an exciting new tool that helps managers to measure and drive progress – and engage your people to execute your strategy faster and more effectively.  Click here for more information. ?ui=2&view=bsp&ver=1qygpcgurkovy - Growth Tip: What really motivates workers - some good points