Gary Vaynerchuk at FOWA 09

Loved this keynote by Gary Vaynerchuk. Didn’t have a clue who he was until a few hours ago and I’m now following him on Twitter, bookmarked his site and watched a few of his vids.

Inspirational stuff for me because people ask me how I get the time to write everyday, or why I haven’t missed a Monday in 6 years. It’s because I freak’n love it – and they just don’t get it. They aren’t following their passion.

Best stuff about following your passion and understanding yourself I have heard + the hussle. Get out there and do it. No one is going to kick your arse if you get lazy and that sucks. I am accountable to myself and a few important people because I want to succeed and have BIG dreams and need a boot up the butt everyso often.

This is another one of my rants I know but you will understand when you watch the video.

WARNING: Gary swears – a lot sometimes. If you’re watching at work, or the kids or Nana are around, wear headphones.
Gary Vaynerchuk at FOWA Miami 09 from on Vimeo.