Fuzzy communication + Wine Vault TV

This morning I called Lauren on Skype, and the line was terrible, so we tried again and again. Still the same. I started to get really frustrated and then a bit irritated I couldn’t hear her. She changed computers a few times and we eventually got a clear line.

It then occurred to me that it is quite incredible that I can talk to her for free and she is on the other side of the world on some little Greek island. Isn’t that amazing?

The other thing I thought about was that I got frustrated by the fuzzy communication and it made me think about when I talk to people and they don’t understand me.

Fuzzy communication leads to frustration and then irritation as you can’t make yourself understood or you can’t understand the other person. As soon as the communication becomes clear though everyone is happy because they feel understood.

How many situations occur because you have fuzzy communication and you don’t get the outcome you want? Take a moment to think about this. … If you had been more clear would you have got what you wanted? It’s an interesting thing to ponder and to remember when you are interacting with others.

Have a terrific week and if you are interested I was on Wine Vault TV with Jayson Bryant on Friday. We had a great time and I learned a lot about Sauvignon and wine in general. You can watch the episode here.