Find The Hulk in you.

You don’t even need to have been caught in a blast of gamma radiation.
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Hi %%First_Name%%,

In the Incredible Hulk TV series, the mild-mannered Dr. David Banner becomes the biggest, strongest being on the planet and is able to use his physical strength to do incredible things.

You might not have been caught in a blast of gamma radiation, that causes you to transform into the “living engine of destruction”.

But, there is always one thing you can do. One thing that is unique to you, and if done well, can make a real difference.

Here’s how…
Ask yourself, “Why am I so good at [insert your genius talent here]?”

As soon as you ask yourself that question your mind will begin to search out the answer. When you identify the reasons and give yourself credit for them, you will make the biggest difference to your life, and to the lives of those around you.

Have a terrific week and find The Hulk in you!

Glenn ‘The Hulk’ Edley
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