Everyone needs a Bass player

This weekend on Sunday I watched the piece on the Finn family and their venture to raise money for Oxfam.

One part that really struck me was when Liam Finn spoke about ringing his parents. They said they would ring back because they were jamming in their pajama’s and he then mentioned that his mum had always played the Bass.

Sharon was then interviewed in her shop and I listened to how they had raised their kids. It occurred to me, from what Neil and Liam said, that Sharon was the Bass player for the family band. She kept time while Tim played lead.

A great Bass player is a very important part of a band. Without the solidness and the perfect timing the band/family/business would be out of time and playing all over the place.

You might be the lead guitarist in your family or business but remember we all need a great Bass player and whilst not in the limelight all the time they have to be credited with our success. Let the Bass player in your life know how important you think they are today.