Email I just received – WD: Update & Relevant Video for ‘Creators’

wealthdynamics.png.scaled.1000 232x300 - Email I just received - WD: Update & Relevant Video for 'Creators'

Glenn, it's been a while since you have heard from the team at Wealth Dynamics, however we are pleased to get in touch with you to share some resources.

We've all heard that when the economy is shaken up, opportunities go flying everywhere. So now more than ever, it's important to stick to your strengths on your natural path to wealth.

As someone who has taken the Wealth Dynamics Profile Test, you know the importance of finding your path and sticking to it: yours is a "Creator"

Below you will find some YouTube videos, hand selected for you as a "Creator":
1. Roger Hamilton shares the Seven Truths of Wealth Dynamics  |  watch here >>
2. Richard Branson (also a Creator Profile, like you) being interviewed at TED  |  watch here >>
3. A video playlist of "Creators" (From Steve Jobs to Disney)  |  watch here >>

Also, some videos we chose based upon your "Secondary Wealth Profiles":
4. Star: Oprah Winfrey’s commencement speech at Stanford  |  watch here >>
5. Mechanic: Jeff Bezos talks of the future  |  watch here >>

I hope you enjoy these resources and we look forward to providing you with more regular updates that are relevant on your personal journey of wealth.

All the best,

Daniel Priestley
CEO | Wealth Dynamics

I received this email from Wealth Dynamics and first of all wondered if I had been spammed. Wealth Dynamics?? Daniel Priestley?? Then I saw the name Roger Hamilton and it clicked. So I read the email from the beginning and it made sense why I had received it..

This email made me think about a few things that some of my new clients, and now older ones who aren't email marketing so much, have an issue with.

The first one is not having contacted their list for a long time. When you have collected an email list and then not talked to them for more than 6 months you will generally have to reintroduce yourself. I think the Wealth Dynamics guys have done this well. They have reminded me who they are, what I did to be on the list, and then offered me some resources I could be interested in based on my Wealth Profile.

The next thing is they have not tested their newsletter in different email programs because it looked terrible in my inbox. Not a good look for them. See the screen shot to see what I mean.

They have provided links to Twitter and Facebook etc. Nice move because I will definitely follow them on Twitter.

So will I watch the video's? Maybe. The Branson and Jeff Bezos interviews could be interesting and maybe I will take the time to watch Oprah's commencement speech.

The main thing is though I am wondering how they are going to follow me up now. I will let you know.