Do you keep up a facade?

MM Dec 2019 Fascade - Do you keep up a facade?

Happy New Year!

Do you keep up a facade that the rest of the world know you as? It’s sometimes called your self-belief – the picture you hold of yourself you believe to be true.

There are many reasons for having a facade: protecting yourself, keeping up appearances, getting something you want. They take a lot of energy to keep up though and eventually the cracks begin to show, and grow until the wall comes down.

Being honest about who you are can be frightening though because you are inviting others in. You are inviting them into your inner sanctum. The place where you are you.

The part that can make this hard of course is a lot of people have no idea who they really are so they try different facades to see which one fits. This isn’t a bad idea but it can be a waste of time because none of them will be the real you.

We have a great opportunity soon to have a crack at finding out who we are. Over the Christmas break, all the family stuff will bring out the real you. Take a hard look at yourself. Make some notes about how you act and decide if there is something you want to change.

Pick one thing and work on it during the next year. But only pick one thing because if you pick too many you will fail after a few weeks.

Let me know what you think yours will be in January and until then take note of your facade. Do you really need it?

Wishing you a year full of happy days!

Best regards,
Glenn Edley

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Quote for the week

“Every great leap forward in your life comes after you have made a clear decision of some kind.”

Brian Tracy