Do you have control?

What do you have control over? Your body? Your mind? Your brand?

The first two are relatively easy. You have a lot of control over your body because you can choose what you eat, when you exercise and the environment you put it in. You have control over your mind because you can decide what to ignore, what to take in and choose your thoughts.

Your brand though. Do you have control over that? By brand I mean the relationship you have with your friends, family, work colleagues and the world. How they perceive you.

Today you have more control than ever over how people see you. You have control over what you put on Facebook, what you Twitter about, what you blog about, what you listen to and what you say.

Does this mean you have to mindful about what is coming from you? Yes it does but it also offers you a chance to be remarkable. That is; worth making a remark about in something you are passionate about. Something outside your usual 9-5 job that you love doing.

There are more opportunities to follow your passion and have control over your life than ever before. Take them by learning about them and showing people who you really are and what you care about.