Day One – thoughts from the road

Day One thoughts from the road when I was out exercising.
Find somewhere to move every day
Stay positive
Feel a sense of accomplishment when you’ve moved
Carry that feeling with you when you start to feel down
Hey, good morning. So here in New Zealand, this is the first morning of the lock down. You’re probably sitting at home going, “What am I going to do?” Well, I went for a walk, went for a jog, used the Headspace Mindful Movement App just to get my head, you know ready for the next four weeks. Ready for the day.
And there was a part in there when you’ve done something like this, you feel happy, you feel a rush of endorphins, I suppose. You feel a sense of accomplishment.
Right? Once you’ve done something. So you need to get moving today, wherever you are. Use your driveway. Use your hallway. Download the 7 Minute Workout, it’s a Johnson & Johnson app. I’ve got nothing to do with them, but that’s the best seven minute workout app. Do that. You just need a wall, a floor, and maybe something to step up on. Or you could swap that out for high knees.
But look, once you’ve done something this morning, once you’ve got moving, you’re going to feel a sense of accomplishment. You’re going to feel a bit more happy. And what I want you to do is when things aren’t going so well, just remember that feeling. Remember that feeling of accomplishment? It’s going to get you through today.
So you need to start off every day with some moving. Get moving, throw the kids around, play on the ground with the kids for 30 minutes. Whatever it takes, right?
Download those apps. Tabata, another good one, four minutes or eight minutes of moving, 20 seconds each movement. Get moving, get that sense of accomplishment. Bring it back into your mind during the day where you’re not feeling so great and yeah, you’ll get through this. You’ll be stronger. You’ll have a sense of accomplishment because you’ve done something that not many other people have done in history, like a lockdown for four weeks. Unprecedented, right?
There’s a lot to learn about yourself, about your family, about your business, about your clients. So stay strong, get that sense of accomplishment happening during the day, and you’ll get through this. See you tomorrow.