Creating a habit

In a previous post I promised to blog once a week and have now seemingly broken that promise with this post.

Why did I break my promise?

I thought about when I want to post and Friday morning seemed right. So I had to start right away to get into the habit of posting every Friday.

Habits are mostly what we operate on every day. They are the things we do automatically from the time we wake up until the time we sleep. This includes how and when we eat, speak and react.

A habit takes up to 30 days to get into and after that it is hard to break. This goes for bad habits to.

Here are 12 Key Habits to Start With from author Leo Babauta’s new book The Power of Less. Simple and effective habits that will and do work.

[excerpt from Tim Ferriss’s blog begins]
You can choose any habits in this book that you think will help you most, at work and in the rest of your life. But if I had to recommend 12 habits to start with (one each month for a year), these are the 12 I think could make the most difference in the lives of the average person (more on each habit in later chapters):

1. Set your 3 MITs (Most Important Tasks) each morning.

2. Single-task. When you work on a task, don’t switch to other tasks.
3. Process your inbox to empty.
4. Check email just twice a day.
5. Exercise 5-10 minutes a day.
6. Work while disconnected, with no distractions.
7. Follow a morning routine.
8. Eat more fruits and veggies every day. [Tim: Here is the “slow-carb” breakfast I use to start my morning routine]
9. Keep your desk decluttered.
10. Say no to commitments and requests that aren’t on your Short List (See Chapter 16, on the Simple Life).
11. Declutter your house for 15 minutes a day.
12. Stick to a 5-sentence limit for emails.
[excerpt ends]

I am doing a rehash of all my blogs and websites so I’m changing my blogging back to whenever until they are all up and running.