Today's minimotivator from Corrie Ten Boom on worry

minimotivator 30062020 - Today's minimotivator from Corrie Ten Boom on worry
Today’s minimotivator.
Worry does not empty 
tomorrow of its sorrow.
It empties today of its 
– Corrie Ten Boom
Worrying takes energy. A lot of energy. The energy you could be putting into the day before you.
Worry can lead to anxiety and anxiety will rip you into shreds.
How do you stop worrying?
First, you must stop. Question the worried thoughts. What is the worst that can happen?
Think about the scenarios from an objective point of view. Go through them. See that today they cannot hurt you.
You could even say to yourself you will worry about that at 3pm today for 10 minutes. That can work to shut your mind off to the worrying thoughts.
Embarrassment is the killer. In my opinion, the more you can experience embarrassment in your mind from that objective point of view the less impact it will have on you.
So, use all your energy for today. Worry is for another day or even better no day at all.
Photo by Hennie Stander on Unsplash