Common fear for Real Estate agents doing email newsletters

I had a request to take the links off the properties and images in an agents weekly newsletter recently. This is a request I have had many times over the years as agents seek to protect their databases.

From my experience with real estate agents their fear is that if they leave the links on a property that isn't theirs, when someone clicks and goes to the website, they will contact the other agent who has listed that property.
However, this rarely happens because the person receiving the newsletter doesn't have a relationship with the other agent.

People want agents newsletters for their advice, market news and to find out about new properties. They will want to click on the properties and will get frustrated if they can't.

In my opinion real estate is about relationships and people will deal with who they like. You could actually jeopardise that relationship by not letting them do want they want to do – click through to properties you are telling them about.

I want agents subscribers to get a newsletter they can enjoy and forward to their friends. How can they tell them about a house they like if they can't forward the email and say 'click on this link to see the house I like.'

Real estate email marketing is a passion of mine. I even went and got my license so I could better understand what it is like to be an agent because I want Spikemail to provide the best service it can for real estate.

Our job is to help keep agents in business by providing a service whereby they can keep in contact with people for years. Because, when that person is ready to buy who do they look to? The agent who has been keeping them up to date with whats going on in the market for the last few years.