This week’s MondayMotivator – Choose your words, carefully 🤔

I write about words every so often because they are so powerful and what we use to define ourselves and the world around us.

Three words I wrote about in 2009 were design, engineer and create.

Design your life.
Engineer a blueprint for it.
Create it from your plan.

The words I use the most for myself are clarity and simplify.

I’m always striving to be clear in my speech and meaning. Writing helps me with my efforts because I can edit it. My goal is to get as clear as I can and with the fewest words.

Editing ourselves when we’re speaking is a lot harder. So, if you have something important to convey it can be worth the time to write it down. That’s a ‘life hack’ I’ve used for many years. It’s saved me from digging many of the holes bumbling my words would have created.

Simplify. Why simplify?

Because in a world of choice, too much choice, we can be paralysed and not make a choice.

Back to the great example of choice that is Netflix. How often is the time you should have been watching taking up with searching?

Simplification to me means freedom.

Yes, I know that’s a big call. To me, it means the freedom to make better choices because I am giving myself fewer options.

For example, I love a good uniform. Why? Because I don’t have to use up decision making power choosing coverings for my body. That’s a waste of time to me.

Yes, it might give me a measure of confidence in some situations to be wearing the right clothes. But, that’s not that often these days. When having a good internet connection to make sure your Zoom call is good is far more important.

Every year I like to choose a word for the year and see what I can achieve with it. The last few years though simplify has held that spot because I didn’t think I had achieved enough of it. I hadn’t got into the habit of always looking for the simplest way to achieve what I want to achieve.

However, clarity and simplify are now a habit. So, in 2021 I will choose a new word, print it out and post it somewhere I see it every day. I will take some time to choose that word because it will permeate throughout my daily life for that year.

A quick task for you.

Think of a word you would like to live up to…

What word just popped into your mind?

Write it down, put it somewhere you can it and think about it for the rest of the year. Align decisions with it and you might find you begin to choose your words and actions more carefully. And, achieve what you want to achieve faster.

Have a great week.

Quote for the week
“Never mistake motion for action.”
Ernest Hemingway