Celebrating with the Fitness Industry

Friday night saw 300 fitness fanatics descend on the Hyatt Hotel in Auckland for the annual FitnessLife Magazine Fitness Awards.

Getting dressed up in a tux for the event made the evening a little bit more special and because I had to hand out an award it was a bit nerve wracking as well.

Two MP’s were there, Rodney Hide and Murray McCully. Rodney has been supporting the fitness industry for some time now and was very inspirational. Politics aside, Rodney is a changed man. He has lost 50kgs of fat and put on 10kgs of muscle. He said he still has a way to go but was looking very trim and is a great cheerleader for the industry.

What inspired me about the night was how much effort the winners put in to what they do. The Personal Trainer of the year was from Kaikohe and had started an after school fitness program to get kids moving, amoung other things. She and the other winners were amazing people who are energised enough to help others change their lives.

It’s a great industry and I was proud to be there and be a sponsor. Get involved in improving your health, it changes lives a lot faster than any motivational seminar and costs a heck of a lot less.

Have a terrific week.


Glenn Edley

P.S. Next week I am starting a draw for advance copies of Charles Donoghue’s new book, Mega Thinking.

After four times Olympic gold medallist Ian Ferguson read Mega Thinking, he said in a note to Charles: “Just read your book and boy, are you so right. As I read it, I could see in your words that I have done right as well as wrong.
“Fortunately self belief is my strong point. I believe I can do most things. Now I am going to change that from ‘most’ to ‘all’ things. Thanks for writing this book and I hope others will read it as you really have.”