Case Study: Marvel Entertainment Twitter Offers. Influencers Drive Reach

Excellent case study of Twitter by Email Data Source. Very clearly shows the reach Twitter can add to an email campaign.


marvel - Case Study: Marvel Entertainment Twitter Offers. Influencers Drive 	Reach

Twitter Case Study
Market Sector: Publishing and Printing

This is the first in a series of Case Studies where I will be examining the data we are receiving from the new Twitter monitoring tool we have added to Email Analyst. While the tool has only been gathering data for the last few weeks, the insights into Twitter as a marketing channel are fascinating.

Background: on November 4th, 2009, Email Data Source launched a Twitter monitoring tool that is incorporated into our Email Analyst product. Now marketers can view not only competitive email offers and metrics, but also Twitter offers as well.

A Different Approach: we are approaching the field of Twitter monitoring like any other media channel, reporting on reach, frequency, and effectiveness of each Tweet offer. We are archiving the landing page associated with each offer, just as we would archive the email message. We also report on the top influencers driving traffic to that landing page offer. Each tweet has a unique reach number, rebroadcast number, and number of influencers.

open - Case Study: Marvel Entertainment Twitter Offers. Influencers Drive 	Reach Currently the entertainment brand Marvel is the top brand we are tracking. We use a unique tracking number (based on followers of the brand, the number of influencers and their followers, the frequency of tweeting offers) to rank the brands.

Marvel is currently ranked #1 in our tool with a ranking number of 67,599,195. This means that since we have been monitoring Mavel (a little less than a month) over 67 million eyeballs have been potentially exposed to a Marvel offer and landing page. Quite astounding.

Let's break it down further:

On November 17th, Marvel put out this tweet:

Whilce Portacio Returns To Marvel To Begin THE FALL OF THE HULKS! Check out some brand new preview art!

(To see landing page, see above or go to

The total number of followers of the Marvel twitter account at the time of the post was 43,284. But 5 "influencers" rebroadcast (retweeted) the offer and the landing page:

1. phendragon added 401 followers

2. valdezign added 1,342 followers

3. Superquattrone added 3,399 followers

4. ryanpthompson added 2,320 followers

5. And Agent_M (who is the editor of added a whopping 1,351,467 followers.

This brings the total reach of the Marvel Twitter promotion to 1,402,213. The influencers in this case increased the reach of the Marvel message by over 3,000% (albeit a hefty chunk of that came from's editor).

A dive into Agent_M reveals additional info. Agent M's influence is on the rise. Take a look at how his influence has grown over the last month (to see chart of Agent_M's influence go to

Agent_M also retweeted for other sites such as Itunes and Flickr.

When determining the overall most important influencers for Marvel, we look at both the number of times the Tweeter has rebroadcast Twitter offers for the brand (frequency) and the total number of followers at the time of each rebroadcast (reach) to get a total influence ranking number for the last 30 days.

There are currently 229 influencers for the Marvel brand. The top five include:

1. Agent_M with an influence rating of 59,707,965

2. BJMendelson with an influence rating of 964,213

3. BRIANMBENDIS with an influence rating of 122,544

4. geekgirldiva with an influence rating of 15,080

5. And heyuguysblog with an influence rating of 13,088

To see full case study to to

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